I thought Tinder for Business was my INNOVATIVE Idea.

I also thought attractive winter gloves that successfully utilize mobile devices, (with real human hands actually inside of them), Starbuck’s delivery and eye make up magnifying glasses were also my original, great ideas.

I’m brilliant, I know.

Um, no.

People who may be smarter and more creative than I am had these ideas looooooooong before I had them. (Although, I don’t really think mobile device winter gloves are attractive, and I also think if you’re looking so silly wearing those eye make up magnifying glasses, who needs make up? But, these are simply an opinion from me, who at best, is a questionable fashion plate.)

Wait. There’s no question. I’m not a fashion plate.

Several months back, I wrote about how wonderful it would be to simplify the often too arduous job search process and that the Tinder dating site model would be a perfect model for the dreaded necessity. I began to search this idea and found a gazillion hits. I may or may not be exaggerating.

The Tinder for Business idea appears to already have legs, or more appropriately, “swipes.”

As I pondered the idea more in my head, because I’m currently seeking full time employment and have stumbled upon a slew of odd interview experiences. Without going too deeply into the experiences themselves, I’ll give you just a taste:

  • Recently, I arrived at an interview after already moving through part of interview process. The Executive Director told me they’d be ready for me in about 20 minutes. No problemo. Shortly thereafter, another woman came out, and without actually greeting me, canceled the interview because someone essential couldn’t make it. Naturally, I followed up and they are “reconfiguring things and will be in touch when the position’s description is reconfigured.”
  • I interviewed for an important position within a nonprofit I really love. It was through a highly respected executive firm. I also progressed through this process, and one day, after a fair amount of encouraging back and forth, I didn’t hear back from them FOR MANY MONTHS. Just weird.
  • I went to meet an Executive Director of another nonprofit in need of a fair amount of help. The biggest concern I witnessed while I was there, appeared to be the placement of the bagels. Note: I was impressed by said placement of said bagels. I was concerned about everything else.
  • AND, another Executive Director and I washed coffee cups together before my interview, which I quite liked, and then after the interview, I was told how impressive I was and that I would be asked back to meet others, I received the same rejection form letter one of my best friends received from them months earlier.

I want to be very clear – I care about all of the above listed organizations, and wish them nothing but great success. Each of them provides such important programs and services, but I have to wonder… what if they had things clarified, solidified and pulled together in their office and with their board of directors before they post a position? Wouldn’t they be doing even better? I’d even venture to state, raise more funds? I think so.

Or, maybe like Tinder dating posts, these organizations aren’t quite as honest as they think they are, or maybe they just don’t want to be, OR maybe they feel so desperate for help, that they can’t really get in touch with, or prioritize what their real needs are. Maybe their job postings are kind of like me posting this on Tinder:hannah-pam-accurate

I am 5′ 8″, weigh 118 lbs with 9.4% body fat, and I never tire of rock climbing and kayaking which is why I do it, in full make up, five times per week, minimum.

I went back to examine all of the original job postings from the various odd interview experiences I had. It became exceedingly clear to me that Tinder for Business wouldn’t have worked well for them, because they weren’t clear or communicative about what their organizational needs really are. And if these organizations who met me really wanted to swipe left, but told me they were going to swipe right, I can state without question, the open and honest swipe to the left wouldn’t hurt my feelings one bit.

I’m not on Tinder, but I know that there are plenty of individuals who are seeking something/someone, but they don’t really know what they’re seeking. When they swipe right without knowing themselves or caring about themselves enough to wait for a match with real, mutually beneficial potential, does someone end up hurt and perhaps worse off than if they’d just not signed up for Tinder in the first place?

I have an interview coming up in a few minutes and I’m optimistic. I’m often optimistic and give organizations (and people) every opportunity to be honest about their needs. If it’s meant to be, it will be.

Incidentally, I once had an idea I thought was really great –  a restaurant that only had comfy recliners, tray tables, big TV’s and friendly servers who double as Heimlich maneuver ambassadors.

Yeah, not all of my ideas are great, but they sure have personality.

Author: PKW

Writer, Speaker, Facilitator, Trainer, Fundraiser, Strategist, Listener, and Lover of Humans. My love for humans and relationship building are a part of every single thing I do, except for maybe using the bathroom.

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