Citizens of Gluttonville want more…

of everything.


Maybe, they don’t, but they’re just programmed to think they do.

I probably shouldn’t write a blog post tonight. I am tired from a hectic day and will make ludicrous mistakes and run on and on and on and on and on without using proper grammar whatsoever which is incredibly annoying to any reader and is possibly annoying you right now. Okay, I did that on purpose.

I do feel sort of grumpy in a, “You kids get off my lawn!”-ish sort of way.

Still, I’m here, wriging. writing. I am writing, because writing and being creative seems to have magically shrunk yesterday’s gigantic facial blemish, Mt. Hellonacheek.

Mt. Helloncheek has been downgraded and renamed, Teeny Zit Hill. This is a vast improvement from yesterday. I attribute the quick healing to simple processing of all that has been bottled up inside me for too long.


Topography of Mt. Hellonacheek shrinking into Teeny Zit Hill in less than 24 hours. *** Cute facial features added by anonymous artist from Gluttontown

So, I want to talk about Gluttontown and its citizens. This post isn’t really about my own gluttony. In brief, I have been eating like it’s my full time job. There, I said it. (Please see topography graphic and take note of what can happen to one’s skin when one eats as if it’s their full time job).

What’s really bugging me is how some of the people of Gluttontown seem to want more of everything. (As the title of this post subtly implies).

Whether or not that’s true is debatable because as a society, we are flooded with gazillions of product choices and whether we want more or the newest or the best in Gluttontown is uncertain.

I was at a medical appointment today and I began to think about all of the available flavors of OREO Cookies. While I am a loud and proud OREO purist, I began to think about mammograms and exactly how they’re performed. This is when I started thinking, “This is how an OREO is made! The cookie part is the machine and the filling inside is the….” well, c’mon. You get it.

So, after I finished branding my new experiential flavor of OREO, based on mammograms, I thought more about there being simply too much of everything.

Why are there so many whitening toothpastes and furthermore, most made by the same few corporations? What is the real difference between Optic White, Glimmery White and Glitzy White? Does it come with sequins? And, what’s next? Glitzy Gold for your Grill Paste?


And while I am also a citizen of Gluttontown, I find myself (for many years now), rebelling against all of the choices we’re drowning in. When I’m in Target in the toothpaste aisle, or just about any aisle, I am overwhelmed and dream of opening a store where the customer, (me for sure), has one or two choices of a product because the product works great:

  1. Simply Good Toothpaste: It is healthy for your teeth and gums and freshens breath!
  2. Simply Good Mouthwash: Want even fresher breath? No problem! (Alcohol Free available)
  3. Simply Good Shaver Razor: This razor shaves hair. I mean, that’s what razors do, right? No, it does not come in pink. Gender neutral is how we roll.
  4. Simply Good Soap: This soap is 100% natural and safely washes your skin and leaves it simply soft. (Scented and Unscented available.)
  5. Simply Good OREO Cookie: OREO… the ORIGINAL.

I just think that all of the citizens of Gluttontown, (once they got used to the simplicity) would have more time and space to focus on other choices, like:

  1. Should I volunteer for voter registration now that I know what toothpaste I use?
  2. Should I go to the museum because I love doing that?
  3. Should I take a pottery class?
  4. Should I take the time I’m saving and practice kindness and patience with my fellow citizens in Gluttontown?
  5. Should we ultimately change the name of Gluttontown to Simpleville?

If you’ve read this far, thank you. My brain thinks about this every time I shop and even outside of shopping. I just pray that all of us, as a collective group, focus on the choices that will heal this world.

And now, it’s time to step off of my Simply Good soapbox and head to my Simply Good bed.

Sending you kindness and love. It’s just that simple.Simple




Author: PKW

Writer, Speaker, Facilitator, Trainer, Fundraiser, Strategist, Listener, and Lover of Humans. My love for humans and relationship building are a part of every single thing I do, except for maybe using the bathroom.

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