Fire, Snuffed Out? (with Flare)

I don’t believe our fire ever really gets snuffed out.

I think our fiery spirits sometimes need a nap and move into the embers stage, but we continue to burn.

The flare I reference in the title of this post, is the flare of behaving with kindness, honesty and grace, especially when we realize the time has come to seek a new match or book of matches, to ignite. (and to ignite us.)

Fiery spirits are fun and certain things heighten us to near explosion. Sometimes, it’s a mad, passionate love affair and the role of Love is played by that shady character, Lust. Once the players realize the script sucks — that there’s really no foundation, or materials with which to build a foundation, endorphins simmer down. (Yawn?) The affair optimally fizzles before too much has been burned to the ground. I think because we oftentimes yearn for the analgesic effects, tragedy can strike. Some players pretend there’s a foundation and while they’re pretending, they’re working their asses off to bring back the volcanic lust they think might be love.

It’s not just lusty fake love. It can be on a professional level, with friends, with societal pandemic issues. Anything can make you feel burnt out.

For me, as long as the flare of kindness, honesty and grace lead the way, a fiery spirit of goodness always prevails over explosive anger. ALWAYS.

Here’s the thing –

For anyone who knows me even just a little, you know I present as fiery and enthusiastic. Both perceptions are correct.

There have been exceedingly dark times in my life where I felt no fire inside of me. It was almost as if I was a walking corpse.

If you feel this way, please permit me to tell you that it’s temporary. Your fire is very much burning. Please ask your friends and loved ones for help. They can remind you that your fire is burning, but it’s just a slow, quiet and hardly detectable burn. They will see it when you can’t. Let them. (I already see it and I’m just sitting here typing.)

Trust those who have earned your trust. They will provide you with the light you need to find your way out of the darkness.

Plus, you’ll have just enough light to find the match that ignites you enough,

for you to to be reminded,

your fire was never snuffed out in the first place.

Keep Calm






Author: PKW

Writer, Speaker, Facilitator, Trainer, Fundraiser, Strategist, Listener, and Lover of Humans. My love for humans and relationship building are a part of every single thing I do, except for maybe using the bathroom.

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